Live File Backup Deutsch

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  • Sistema: w98 w2000 wXP vista
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The German version of Live Backup to make backups of files and folders.

For those users who work with important data on your computer what's an absolutely essential and much needed action is to make backups of these vital files / folders. This Live File Backup Deutsch is obviously the German version of the Live File Backup program.

Thus, with Live File Backup Deutsch it will watch your back, as you'll be able to restore data from backups, in case the originals get lost or arrived damaged. Backups are performed compressed in ZIP format and can be stored in all kinds of media: the hard disk itself, on an external hard drive, a network drive storage, USB memory or directly send and store on an FTP server.

Live File Backup Deutsch also allows incremental backups using data already saved.


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